The Wide Range of Used Trucks Available For You in Indianapolis

Trucks, like SUVs, are versatile. You can drive them around town, venture off the road on an adventure, or take your family out in a crew cab truck. Better still, these trucks are great at towing and hauling cargo on and off the road.

Why Pick a Used Truck?

Used trucks have a number of advantages over new trucks. For starters, a used truck for sale doesn't have to be old. Some of the used trucks at Alderman Automotive near Indianapolis are only a few years old. Even then, the trucks are still more affordable compared to new trucks. A used truck will survive for an average of 200,000 miles, making them a great choice when you need reliability.

By the time you get a used truck, the bulk of its depreciation has already taken place. The truck you get, therefore, will serve you for many more years. You have a variety of used trucks to choose from. Unlike sedans and other smaller cars, trucks can withstand additional wear and tear and last longer than small cars.

When you need a truck for sale, below are your main options:

The Ford Brand is a standard-bearer in the truck category.

Ford Trucks Inventory near Indianapolis

The Ford brand is known for trucks that are engineered rugged for on and off the road performance. The steel construction of most used trucks makes them last longer as the frame can take more pressure and more rugged use. A few used models feature the new EcoBoost engine, which is more efficient compared to conventional Ford engines. If you do not find used Ford with EcoBoost, even the conventional powertrains offered great efficiency.

  • Ford F-150: A used Ford150 is heavier and stronger than a new one. In 2015, Ford switched to make the F-150 with aluminum instead of steel. The steel F-150s were stronger and tougher to venture off the road. Aluminum frame models are lighter and more efficient, but the frame is weaker. When you need a towing and hauling truck, the F-150 is available for you. Because the truck van seat up to six, it is a great family car too.
  • Ford Ranger: Like the F-150, the Ranger was engineered to drive off-road and withstand rugged use. Its frame is steel to make it tougher when it needs to go beyond the pavement.  A used Ford Ranger comes with the same power as new ones offer with turbocharged engine options, four-wheel-drive drivetrain, and a host of other powerful features. The compact truck doesn't waver on performance. It is in competition with the Chevy Colorado, another compact truck.
  • Ford F-250 and F-350: Today, Ford offers the Ford Super Duty and the Ford F-150 Raptor as replacements for the F-250 and F-350. These are the toughest trucks that Ford has to offer. They are ideal for commercial use as they can haul and tow more than most people need. On the road, the truck commands respect with its masculine look. A used F-250 and F-350 will give you power when you need it.

Ram is all about trucks.

Ram Truck Models near Indianapolis

Ram has the whole range of trucks so that you can choose the power and ruggedness you need. Whether you need a truck to go on an adventure with, or you need a truck to haul your motorhome, Ram has a truck for you.

  • Ram 1500: The most popular used Ram truck is the Ram 1500, for which there are six trims to choose from. This is a workhorse truck engineered versatile to meet your needs on and off the road. Used Ram 1500 trucks offer power for hauling and towing. Because RAM has been at the front line in bringing new features and updated features, even the used models bring safety and convenience features.
  • Ram 2500 and 3500: These are heavy-duty trucks, offering up to 1000 pound-feet of torque. You can tell the trucks are powerful by looking at them. However, Ram combines power with good handling to ensure the truck hauls and tows and also gives you a great experience when you are driving.

If you need more power than either of these two can deliver, you can go for the 4500 and 5500. These have the power, the masculinity, and the great handling that commercial businesses need.

Chevy Trucks never fail to impress.

Chevy Truck Lineup near Indianapolis

Chevrolet offers power and comfort in all its trucks. Whether you pick a model 2015 or a model 2019, the cabins of the trucks show elegance and comfort. You can choose between the Colorado and the Silverado. When you need more towing and hauling power for commercial uses, the Silverado comes in handy. For residential and day to day uses, the Colorado comes in handy.

  • Chevy Colorado: The Chevy Colorado is a work truck. It offers basic comfort features and high towing capacity. Whichever year you pick, you will have excellent engine options, fresh exterior styling, and high towing capacity. The midsize truck also offers so many configurations for you to choose from, including a crew cab and an extended cab. You can use it on and off-the-road, and it performs excellently.
  • Chevy Silverado: The Silverado is a workhorse. The most popular truck is the Silverado 1500, a full-size truck engineered for performance on and off the road. You can get the car in either a crew cab, double cab, LD double cab, or regular cab. The wide range of powertrain options makes the truck versatile. The exterior styling of both new and used trucks looks impressive.
  • The Silverado HD 2500 and Silverado 3500 are heavy-duty trucks that can tow up to 35,500 pounds. This towing capacity beats the Ford Super Duty and the Ram Heavy Duty rivals. Even the older models come with advanced trailering systems as the trucks are engineered for that. They also have powerful supercharged V8 engines or diesel engines to deliver power to the wheels. These trucks offer great handling to give you a great driving experience. These two used trucks for sale are ideal for commercial uses in Carmel, IN.

Toyota Trucks are popular in Indianapolis and beyond.

The Toyota Tundra Selection near Indianapolis

Toyota is another popular truck brand, and the Toyota Tundra is a great option that offers a spacious cabin with a host of standard features to make driving more impressive. If you love going off the road, the Tundra might be a good option for you. Toyota has stripped the truck of convenience features instead of making it more powerful for towing and hauling. Older models have a more streamlined styling compared to the current boxy styling. It can tow up to 10,200 pounds, depending on the model year you pick.

You can choose from eight trims, depending on what you need to do with your truck. Some have more luxury features while others have more hauling and towing power - pick right.

Get a Used Truck at Alderman Automotive Today

From the above brands and models, there are several trims and hundreds of configurations to choose from. Whether you need a crew cab, regular cab, extended cab, or twin cab, there is a used truck for you. You can also choose between compact, midsize trucks such as the Ranger and the Colorado, full-sized trucks such as the F150 and the 1500s, and the heavy-duty F250 and F350 and the 2500s and the 3500s.

Whether you're in Fishers, IN or Noblesville, IN, stop by our dealership today. You can schedule a test drive and an inspection of the used trucks at Alderman Automotive in Indianapolis. The truck's history and specs are available for you by the time you get in our showroom. Contact us for directions and more.

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