If you are looking for a quality used car, truck, or SUV or luxury vehicle, browse our extensive selection and discover why greater Indianapolis chooses us!

Used Inventory Available at Alderman Automotive, Serving Noblesville, IN, and Beyond

You don't have to pay full price to enjoy a high-quality vehicle with modern features. At Alderman Automotive, we are proud to serve Fishers, IN, by offering a wide selection of used vehicles for you to consider. Many choose to buy used for the lower initial cost, but the benefits of buying used run much deeper than that.

Browse our used inventory to discover our large selection of affordable vehicles and to discover all the benefits of buying used.

A Broad Range of Used Vehicles

As you begin to explore our used inventory, you will be struck by the size and variety that you find. We carry a variety of used luxury vehicles that make it easy for Indianapolis drivers to enjoy elegant designs and advanced features while paying a lower cost. With the reasonable cost of our used inventory, you will find that your budget will go further.

You will be able to consider a wider variety of models since there are more vehicles within your price range. This means that your budget can be applied to a higher trim level or more available features than what it might get you with a new vehicle. By having more opportunities to find the features that you need for your daily driving, you will be able to find your ideal without stretching your budget.

As you look through our used inventory, you will find a large selection of various brands and body styles. We carry both used luxury SUVs and cars as well as other imported brands, allowing you to have all types of features to consider. Some of the brands that you will find in our used inventory include:

  • Used Mercedes-Benz
  • Used Audi
  • Used Lexus
  • Used Infiniti
  • Used BMW

Whether you're interested in a used SUV or sedan, you will find that there are plenty of options to choose from.

Assurance of Quality and Transparency

The concern for many drivers in the Carmel, IN, area is that used vehicles may have hidden issues or need costly repairs in the future. While that may have been an issue in the past with certain sellers, there is generally more assurance of reliability and transparency than before.

As you look through our used inventory, you will find that CARFAX® Vehicle History Reports are offered for many of our used vehicles. When you select a vehicle, you will see that there is a link for the CARFAX® reports. By following the link, you will find key information about the vehicle's past. Some of the information that you will find includes:

  • Accidents and Damage
  • Types of Past Owners
  • Reported Odometer Readings
  • Manufacturer Recalls
  • Detailed History

This information is easily accessible by just viewing our online vehicle listing. By having a complete picture of a used vehicle's past, you can put your mind at ease and easily narrow down your search without needing to visit in person.

Savings Beyond the Sticker Price 

The lower cost of one of our luxury SUVs opens the doors to more savings than you may have realized. Not only will you be saving on the sticker price, but you will also save on insurance rates as well. Since a new car costs more to repair than a used vehicle, insurance companies will generally charge you higher rates for owning a new vehicle than they would for a used SUV.

The other place where you will see savings is when it comes to financing. If you finance a new vehicle, you can expect a large depreciation drop since it is no longer considered new. That means that you may be paying off the cost of a vehicle that is nowhere near the value you financed it for. The used rates of depreciation are generally more gradual, making them less expensive to finance.

Come to Our Location for a Test Drive

Browsing our online inventory and getting into the driver's seat are both equally important parts of the buying process for a used vehicle. Come in today to see the quality and condition of our used inventory for yourself!